Elizabeth Warren: 'St. Patrick Drove Snakes Out Of Ireland...to Wall Street'

The newest Massachusetts senator jokes around during annual South Boston St. Patrick's Day Breakfast.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was in South Boston on Sunday for the annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast -- with Secretary of State John Kerry’s departure already the state’s senior senator after just three months in office -- she beat a hasty retreat to the exit door, but not before bringing down the house with jabs at fellow politicians.

“To tell you truth, I’ve considered myself the senior senator ever since Howie Carr called me Granny. Thank you, Howie,” said Warren in a kelly green jacket.

“I was going to wear a big ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ button today, but Lord only knows what the Herald would have said,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren told the crowd at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, referencing the right-wing tabloid’s coverage of her avowed Native American ancestry.

Warren continued to throw out zingers during the breakfast, which is traditionally an excuse for the state’s top politicians to make fun of each other publicly as well as participate in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, saying, “This is the day we remember St. Patrick, who legend has it drove the snakes out of Ireland. Unfortunately, too many of them went to Wall Street.”

Warren even got in a dig at state Rep. Dan Winslow, of Norfolk.

“I advise everyone to pay very close attention to Dan Winslow’s platform,” Warren said. “He has a 100 percent ranking from the gun lobby and he’s for the legalization of marijuana. He wants us armed and stoned.”

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