A First In Kentucky: Five Occupy Louisville Protesters Arrested At Chase Bank

Occupy Louisville protesters are crying foul after a protest at a Chase Bank on Saturday...

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Occupy Louisville protesters are crying foul after a protest at a Chase Bank on Saturday. In the above video, you can see Louisville Police ask certain people to come inside the bank with them so they can talk. One protester, after refusing to go inside the bank is dragged by police into the bank, and a cameraman is kicked by another officer.Five arrests in all.

Occupiers have said that they believe the police needed protesters inside the bank in order to arrest them for trespassing.


It was a chaotic scene outside the Baxter Avenue Chase Bank in Louisville Saturday. The people outside the bank say they were protesting unfair foreclosure practices. It didn't start out violent, but conversation quickly turned into confrontation. One man came out with noticeable injuries.

"He went in with no bruises or anything on his face and when he came out he had a band-aid on his head," said protester David Barfield.

Louisville Police can be seen in the video asking individuals to accompany them inside the bank.

Allison Hill: "Can you stay out here and talk to me?"
Officer 1: "No we want to talk to you in here."
Officer 2: "No that way we don't here the banging and everything."
Hill: "I don't feel comfortable with that. Can everyone be quiet so they can talk."

Protesters allege it was a trap, because once there those individuals would be arrested.

Officer 1: "Okay well we're going to have to go inside. "
Officer 3: "Lay this down and come inside. "
Hill: "I don't have to go inside."

Allison Hill was later arrested.

Louisville Police say they had to take action because the protesters were blocking the bank doors. Those arrested face assault and disorderly conduct charges.

This incident is the first time a protester has been jailed during an Occupy Protest in Kentucky.

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