'Funeral For Our Future' Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

New video footage of Monday's mock funeral -- Funeral for our Future -- to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline and all tar sands development.

Here's some new video footage of the protest at TransCanada's Massachusetts office that I wrote about on Monday. It captures the full mock funeral that the demonstrators held before the arrests begin.

They were there to hold TransCanada accountable for the degradation of our planet and the impoverishment of the future of the world's youth.

They were there to amplify the cries of the people in frontline communities, from indigenous peoples at the point of tar sands extraction, to the black and latina communities who live fence-line to the refineries where these toxic tar sands will be refined in the Gulf Coast.

They were there to pledge resistance to the Keystone XL Pipeline and all tar sands development.

More about this group here.

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