Noah Wyle On ‘Unsexy’ Medicaid Activism

Noah Wyle on ‘unsexy’ Medicaid activism and how George Clooney and other ‘E.R.’ actors got so politicized ...

Michael Shure, Michael Hastings and Tricia Rose talk to “ER” and “Falling Skies” star Noah Wyle about his recent arrest with the group ADAPT (Americans with Disabilities for Attendant Programs), which was in Washington, D.C., protesting Medicaid cuts.

“It’s usually a very unsexy kind of issue,” Wyle said. “This isn’t really a medical issue. This is a civil rights issue. It’s for everybody who is planning on getting old.”

Given Wyle’s former castmate George Clooney’s activism, Shure says, “What was in the I.V.s on ‘E.R.’?”

Wyle says, “I give George all the credit in the world — he walks the walk as well as talking the talk. He always singles out the underdog and champions the underdog. It being a medical drama…we all got politicized earlier on than most people do on their TV gigs.”


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