Occupy Wall Street And Related Round-up

A round-up of the latest in "Occupy" and related news around the nation...

Take This Book: The People's Library at Occupy Wall Street - A project is underway to rebuild the The People's library, and the project to fund that and the online library is about half-way to the fundraising goal of $10,000. Read about the project here and donate if you wish.

Oakland mayor Jean Quan - who backed Occupy Oakland until she decided not to - is under fire, and there's talk of a recall.

Oh, and Occupy Oakland re-established their encampment...for about 30 seconds.

Wall Street tourists say free the Wall Street bull: "Woe is the Wall Street Bull, who just can't catch a break these days: he's been on police-enforced lockdown since October thanks to Occupy Wall Street protestors, who've been known to paint his balls with anarchy symbols, amongst other things. Now, lower Manhattan community members are complaining that business is down because the tourists are being scared off by the bull's barricade. How long until Shepherd Fairy screens a limited-edition "Free The Bull" poster?"

Mayor Bloomberg tells the tourists "No bull, no way."

The Occupy Wall Street general assembly has proposed setting aside a chunk of their remaining funds for bail money for arrested protesters. At last read, it didn't seem the idea was getting much support from fellow occupiers, possibly because of jerks like this?

An occupy geek squad is building their own better, and more private version of Facebook.

Blue Shield of California has agreed to a $2 million settlement of a suit to end a probe into over 1,000 cases of the health insurer dropping patients from their insurance coverage after they become ill and actually need to use their insurance.

Occupy Washington D.C. (formerly known as "Stop the Machine") have extended their stay at Freedom Plaza.

No one is talking, but another wooden structure was built and then destroyed by park police at McPherson Square.

Last but not least, look at all the big banks contributing thousands upon thousands to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

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