Occupy Wall Street Media Team Livestreams From Inside Police Van

Update 1: Confirmation via GlobalRevolutiontv that everyone has been arraigned, and now released from police custody. The violation form left by NYPD today wasn't even filled out. Also, per member of GlobalRevolutiontv, all resisting arrest charges were dropped, thanks to that video footage of the arrests! See video of the team upon being released here.

Streaming from inside the police van after arrests. I have no idea how they pulled this off! If you watched the video I linked to in my earlier post, everyone who was arrested was put in metal cuffs behind their back.

As of now, everyone is still in jail.

Earlier: Video footage of the police arrests show that no one from Global Revolution was "resisting arrest" as claimed. Arrests begin around 4 minutes into the video, and continue until the end when with no reason given NYPD arrest 2 people who were down the street observing on the sidewalk, watch below:

My earlier post on the eviction and arrests can be read here.

“We can do all of this from laptops”—Vlad Teichberg, GlobalRevolution.TV, after the #OccupyWallStreet and global protest news livestream channel was evicted from its NYC base


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