Occupy Wall Street Spring Awakening: Tax Dodgers And Corporate Loopholes

Filmed April 14, 2012. The Tax Dodgers, Corporate Loopholes, and The Occuponics perform a song parody of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the Occupy Wall Street Spring Awakening in Central Park. The Tax Dodgers are a performance troupe whose mission is to call out corporations who don't pay their fair share of taxes. The Occuponics, anchored by Paul Stein and Steve Baldwin, play in support of Occupy Wall Street.

Here are the lyrics:

Take me out to the tax game.

Bail me out with the banks.

Buy me a bonus and tax rebates.

Never pay nuthin’ not fed’ral or state.

So it’s shoot, shoot, shoot for the loopholes.

It’s law, so you can’t complain.

For its one, two, three-trillion you’re out,

Since we rigged the game!

Take me out to the tax game.

Flip the bird to the crowd.

Losers pay taxes, we take rebates.

‘cuz we make the rules for the corporate state.

And it's wham, bam, slam through the loopholes.

We always win, what a game!

We’re the one, yes, the one percent,

And we have no shame!


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