Occupy Wall Street Weekend Round-up

A round-up of Occupy Wall Street and related news...

This week, a group of clergy in San Francisco removed $10 million from Wells Fargo with an Ash Wednesday press conference calling on the bank to put an immediate freeze on its foreclosures and repent for their misconduct.

Think Progress has the full story here.


"Anonymous" has been exceptionally busy of late. This week, they hacked into the L.A. county police and sheriff databases, replacing them with contact information and nude pictures.


The Occupied Wall Street Journal has an in-depth piece on the different levels of lethality of tear gas, and the companies that manufacture it.


What Big Banker ran up a $133.54 tab and left the waitress only a 1 percent tip, and a note that said "GET A REAL JOB."?

An understatement to say that it isn't easy being homeless. A 28-year-old homeless male was found hanging from a tree in a Costa Mesa nature preserve last Saturday.

An Occupy Wall Street-er snapped a picture of an NYPD cop who fell asleep on the subway and emailed it to his superiors, then Tweeted:

NYC cop sleeping on F train last Thurs w/weapon- i reported/his vacation docked. if you see something, say something !

[oldembed width="425" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Zn8Ej_7TNr4?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0" resize="1" fid="1"]

Emails show UC Berkeley officials did not object to baton use on non-violent protesters.

A Berkeley man was beaten to death last Saturday after he walked to a fire station to seek help regarding a "suspicious" man lurking on his property. Berkeley police wouldn't respond to the call because they were busy being on stand-by to assist Oakland police as they closely guarded those evil Occupy Oakland protesters. The city of Oakland and the police department want to blame that on the occupiers, naturally. Priorities, people, priorities...

The Nation looks at the deal on unemployment benefits, which won't help the poor any and other news in "This week in Poverty."

This one you'll have to keep to yourselves, we wouldn't want to burst any GOP bubbles or anything, now would we? ;) Report: Up To Two Million People Were Employed In December Because Of The Recovery Act

A word of caution from Lois Beckett at Pro Publica to people seeking loan modifications on their home mortgages, "Homeowners Who Negotiate Debt Relief Could Soon Face Massive Tax Bill."

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