Occupy Wall Street Weekend Round-up

Occupy Wall Street Weekend Round-up...


Occupy LA member, Alex Weinschenker, died suddenly last week at age 23. Condolences to his family, friends, as well as his Occupy family.

Hispanic Americans confront an income gap of at least 35 percent in every major metropolitan area across the nation.

That's the disparity between per capita incomes for whites and Hispanics in 95 large metros, according to an On Numbers analysis of federal data.

Super Tuesday States Have Some Of The Highest Underwater Mortgage Rates — Will The GOP Offer Solutions?

Morgan Stanley Executive Charged in Hate Crime Stabbing Over N.Y. Cab Fare

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February 27, 2012: As part of the National Day of Action to Occupy Our Food Supply, Occupy Wall Street organized several actions including a Seed Exchange and a Seed Bombing of vacant lots, drawing attention to the threats posed by big agribusiness and celebrating the free exchange and planting of natural, unmodified crop seeds.

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