And October 1947 Was A Picnic By Comparison

News from October 15, 1947 - Flying boat crash rescue, riots in Paris, Hurricane lashes Savannah Georgia, Secretary of State George C. Marshall addresses the AFofL, Middle East violence erupts over partition of Palestine.


By all accounts, October 1947, or at least October 15th was pretty dull in comparison to other years news-wise. On that particular day the news opened with a rescue of the remaining passengers and crew on a Flying Boat that went down in the Atlantic. And speaking of The Atlantic, Savannah Georgia just got a taste of the latest hurricane. Secretary of State George C. Marshall addressed a CIO convention, reiterating his Marshall Plan to Union members. And the Palestinian portion of the Middle-East was turning into a violent hot spot, due to the proposed partition of the region and clashes between Arabs and Jews.

And so it was reported, that morning of the 15th in 1947 on News Of The Day via NBC.

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