And This Week In 1973 It Was All About Agnew

The week of September 28th saw Spiro Agnew under investigation for financial improprieties, facing impeachment and denying everything.


The week of September 29th in 1973 was all about vice-President Spiro Agnew. Things were heating up with an investigation by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore that uncovered charges of extortion, tax fraud, bribes and conspiracy. Despite his claims of innocence and pointing fingers at his ever-present nemesis the Press, Agnew was about to face charges.

Spiro Agnew: “When I see principle news organs of this country criticize my going to the House of Representatives on the basis that I am attempting to hide behind a constitutional shield and suppress the facts, that enrages me because all I want is not a suppression of the facts but the fullest possible hearing of them, widely publicized before the people of the American nation so that they will know exactly what is going on in this case. I am not trying to hide anything.”

Within a matter of days, on October 10th, Agnew was allowed to enter a plea of No Contest with the proviso he resigned from office.

Gerald Ford took over shortly after.

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