Apri 12, 1973 - Struggling At Home - Struggling Abroad.

April 12, 1973 - U.S. protests PLO "Hate America" broadcasts. Fighting in Lebanon. Funeral for Four PLO guerrillas slain by Israeli Commandos. Dismantling of OEO declared illegal. Nixon consulting with Alexander Haig over worsening situation in Cambodia. Pentagon reports no more POW/MIA's likely alive in Southeast Asia. Two planes collide near San Francisco, killing 16.


Struggles all over, this 12th day of April in 1973. The U.S. lodged a formal protest over PLO radio broadcasts "Hate America" propaganda, whipping up anti-American demonstrations and violence. More fighting in Beirut as the PLO held a funeral for four guerrillas, gunned down by Israeli Commandos.

President Nixon consults with Gen. Alexander Haig over the worsening situation in Cambodia.

On Capitol Hill - the house struggles with rising consumer prices. Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee Wilbur Mills calls for a roll back to the Phase One spending freeze.

A Federal judge ruled the dismantling of OEO was illegal and further layoffs and firings were put on hold.

Watergate was busily bubbling along. Dr. Armand Hammer's Occidental Petroleum signed an $8 Billion contract with the Soviet Union for Chemical supplies. The Senate votes unanimously for the Vietnam War Memorial. Nixon asks Congress to establish a minimum Unemployment compensation.

And two planes, one a military trainer and the other carrying NASA scientists collided and crashed just outside San Francisco, with 16 confirmed dead as of air-time.

And so it went, this April 12, 1973 as told by NBC Nightly News.

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