April 14, 1978 - Panama, The FBI And The Middle East As Usual.

News of the day for April 14, 1978 - The Panama Canal treaty fight underway, FBI Warrantless investigations controversy, Israeli leaving Lebanon, Middle East Negotiations, Cyrus Vance in negotiations on Rhodesia and a childhood Leukemia outbreak in Rutherford New Jersey.


By all accounts your typical April 14th in history. Nothing earth shattering, unless you were a kid in Rutherford New Jersey, in which case you'd be more than a little worried about the spike in Leukemia rates in school aged children. If you were having anything to do with the Panama Canal Treaty you'd be taking a break today because no one seemed to agree on anything in the Senate. If you were in the FBI you'd be taking heat over the Warrantless Investigation controversy currently heating up. If you were in the Israeli Army and you were hanging out in Southern Lebanon, you'd be getting to leave on this day. If you were part of a team of Middle East negotiators you'd be pulling your hair out yet again, trying to hammer out this Agreement. If you were Cyrus Vance you'd be touching down in Dar al-Salam, getting ready to deal with the Rhodesian issue. If you were Jimmy Carter you'd be getting an earful from Western Europe about the way you handle things. And if you were born on this day you'd be cold, wet and hungry and about to realize it all goes down from there.

Fun day, no?

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