April 17, 1994 - A Pause In Sieges.

April 17, 1994 - Bosnian Serbs agree to end siege of Gorazde. Peacekeepers take up positions. Bosnians release hostages. 17 year old to be tried as adult in murder of 3 co-workers. Midwest floods recede, except in Olive Branch Illinois. Minnie Pearl becomes first female comic inducted in the National Comedy Hall of Fame.


A break in sieges this day. The war raging in the former Yugoslavia got something of a break on April 17th 1994, when Bosnian Serbs agreed to end their siege of Gorazde and allow 300 UN Peacekeepers to take up positions on the front lines. It was also reported that some 15 Canadian Peacekeepers being held as hostages by the Bosnian Serbs would be released.

Still, it didn't mean an end to fighting as skirmishes were still going on in other parts of the war-torn region. But any lull in the madness was welcomed, even briefly.

In other news - it was reported a 17 year old, held in the murders of 3 co-workers at a Popeye Fried Chicken drive-thru in Alabama would be charged as an adult in the crime.

And Country Star Minnie Pearl is the first Female comic to be inducted in the National Comedy Hall of Fame.

At least there was something funny somewhere this day.

As reported on ABC Information Radio's World News for Sunday, April 17, 1994.

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