April 5, 1994 - The Battle For Healthcare

April 5, 1994. The Clinton Healthcare plan in trouble. Teamsters threatening strike over freight hauling. Don't Ask Don't Tell in court. Arkansas Razorbacks win NCAA. Darryl Strawberry to rehab. Wall Street heads up. 1,000 Ukrainian Peacekeeping troops to Bosnia. Riot at a Grateful Dead concert in Orlando, Florida.


Seems the issue of Healthcare was having its troubles on this day in 1994 too.

Faced with dwindling support in Congress and a reported drop in popularity in the Polls, President Clinton readied to take his Healthcare Plan message to a series of Town Hall meetings in the hopes of drumming up support. Further evidence this issue has a history and goes way-way back. Even further than 1994.

Elsewhere - the Teamsters were girding up for a possible walkout of nationwide Freight haulers. The only thing holding them back was a dwindling membership and a growing number of non-union companies affected by a walkout. Don't Ask-Don't Tell was under fire as a Judge ruled that 6 Gays kicked out of the service for violating the law couldn't be removed until the case was decided.

The Ukraine sent a 1,000 Peacekeeping troops to Bosnia. The first Palestinian exiles were allowed back into Gaza. Wall Street was heading up on optimistic news, or a "correction" as some called it.

The Arkansas Razorbacks won their first NCAA Championship, defeating Duke in a nail biter.

Darryl Strawberry heads off to rehab and a riot broke out at a Grateful Dead concert in Orlando, Florida.

All that and so much more from this April 5th in 1994, as reported on The CBS World News Roundup.

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