August 28, 2005 - And Then It Got Serious - Hurricane Katrina

News reports from WJBO, Baton Rouge regarding the upgraded Category 5 Hurricane Katrina and evacuation. - August 28, 2005


In less than 24 hours Katrina went from a Category 3 Hurricane to a Category 5 and it got everybody's attention (well, most everybody). The roads were clogged and radio stations like WJBO in Baton Rouge were fielding reports and phone calls from people giving accounts of what was going on and where was safe to go before Katrina hit land.

It's fascinating to listen to these broadcasts five years later because at the time no one really knew what was going to happen, what the outcome was going to be. There was speculation and fingers crossed. But nothing to do other than wait. This post covers the time frame of 11:00 - 12:00 midnight - August 28.

History in hindsight is always poles different than history unfolding.

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