August 29, 2005 - Not Your Average Day.

August 29, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina with 3 reports - the first from radio station WJBO in Baton Rouge. The second a morning report from WTOP and the third, an afternoon report from WTOP. In case you forgot.


I'm sure you are all well aware of what day today is in history. Six years ago it started off cautiously if you lived around New Orleans, and got steadily worse as the hours went by.

So here are three sets of reports at different times during that day.

The first one is from Baton Rouge Louisiana. WJBO had been covering the storm around the clock and had done a magnificent job getting field reports and relaying information. This report is from 1:00am-2:00 am on the morning of the 29th. The second is via WTOP in Washington D.C. from 5:00am that morning, just as Katrina hit land. The third report, also from WTOP is from later that afternoon when damage and death reports had yet to come in and the full picture was yet to emerge.

Three reports chronicling a horrifying day. With the current grumbling about over-preparedness for Hurricane Irene, re-listening to these reports gives you some idea of what being under-prepared was all about.

It's still Hurricane season, by the way.

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