August 31, 2005 - Katrina - Not Going To Be The Same, Maybe Ever

Hurricane Katrina aftermath - reports via CBS News and eyewitnesses on the ground of the devastation and flooding throughout the Gulf Coast region. August 31, 2005


Ironically, the storm clouds passed and New Orleans was bathed in sunlight and blue skies by August 31st. Ironic because the true devastation was becoming painfully apparent on the ground at every turn. The roads were still clogged with refugees trying to find some shelter. The ones left stranded in the city were trapped, some still in their houses, hanging on roofs, waving to passing helicopters for rescue. The death toll was rising and it was feared it would rise to not just hundreds, but thousands.

Typical of the reports flooding the airwaves on August 31st were these via CBS News and CBS Radio Affiliate KCBS in San Francisco, trying with words to convey the destruction and desperation surrounding the people of New Orleans.

And of course, there was that parade of pious slime creeping up.

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