Circling The Wagons 1986 Style - Iran-Contra And The Expression Of Shock

News of the week ending November 16, 1986 - The Iran-Contra Affair blows up and a flurry of denials ensue.


President Reagan: “We did not, repeat; did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages. Nor will we”.

Famous last words and words that would come back like a bad meal. But during this week of November in 1986 that's what we heard, and a lot of it and it wasn't going to end anytime soon.

But the evidence to the contrary was coming thick and fast and finger pointing with a flurry of denials ensued. And within days the wagons had circled. By the time the week was out Congressional investigations would be underway and an odyssey going on for months, if not years would unfold.

This clip - from the ABC World News This Week broadcast of November 16, 1986 provided some background on the brewing scandal. And many voices who came to be all-too familiar years later are heard.

Even the Congressman from Wyoming Dick Cheney is there.

Fun and games - history is just like that.

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