December 27, 1978 - Dodging Bullets.

News of the day for December 27, 1978 - Riots and bloodshed spreading as the strikes continue against the Shah of Iran. Capture of a suspect in the serial murder of young men and the discovery of over 32 bodies.


You'd think a certain amount of leftover Christmas spirit would have gripped the air in 1978. But no. Iran was in turmoil with government imposed gas rationing, strikes spreading throughout the country and the Army shooting to kill protesters in Tehran. The anti-Shah sentiment was growing each day and it would only be a matter of time before the monarchy was overthrown. Settlements were closed down today on the West Bank by Israeli troops. Algerian President Boumedienne died after a short illness. Full diplomatic relations to begin with China on January 1st, and will cease with Taiwan on the same day. U.S. to sell nuclear reactors to China. Violence in Nicaragua. Oregon begins to deliberate its first Marriage/Rape trial. 9 bodies are discovered so far in the house of John Wayne Gacey in Des Plaines Illinois. Spain sets up a democratic government under King Juan Carlos.

All in all, just one of those days.

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