Help Save Newstalgia From Extinction!

Help Save Newstalgia From Extinction - Newstalgia Fundraiser. Raising money to keep the archive.



Okay. Hate to do this, but we need your help. Running this site costs money. Keeping the Archives going costs money. All the stuff you hear on Newstalgia comes from one place - me. And the upkeep on the archive of over a quarter-million recordings, the vault space, the equipment, the day to day, costs a ton of money. And there's no advertising, no secret foundation, no trust-fund - no nothing, to keep this thing up and running. And the money has run out.

And so that's where you come in.

Between now and May 1st we have to raise $5,000.00. More would be great. Less, we'll have to live with. But we've got to raise some money in order to keep this going. And frankly, it's crunch time. The bills are due, the notices have been received, the landlords aren't happy.

So whatever you can do; pennies, nickels, a few bucks, a hundred bucks - whatever you can give to keep Newstalgia up and giving you the best, will be gratefully appreciated.

Like I said, we have until the end of the month so I'll lay in a few reminders from time to time.

For now though, thanks so much for your help and support!

You rock,


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