January 24, 1958 - The World Of Disarmament Talks.

News of the day, this day in history - report from The United Nations, daily newscast featuring world events. A Dag Hammarskjold Press conference on this day - optimistic over resumption of Nuclear Disarmament talks. West Germany not thrilled. Middle East reported calm. Meetings on Central American Trade. World Health Organization and the recent Cyclone crisis in Ceylon. UN Representative from the U.S. Henry Cabot Lodge to leave on the 28th for month long visit to Iran, Afghanistan and India.


News for this day in 1958 came by way of a daily newscast called The United Nations Today. It gave a rundown on the current state of World Affairs and how the UN was playing a role in all of it.

On January 24th Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold held a Press conference where he expressed optimism in renewed Nuclear Disarmament talks and expressed hope that some of the countries not now in favor (like West Germany) would soon fall into line. The Soviet Union showed no particular movement one way or the other, but did say the Nuclear option should be held out for the Middle East. Oh well. . .

Speaking of the Middle East, optimism was again the buzz-word as reports noted a certain stability had taken shape in the otherwise war-torn region, with the aftermath of the Suez Crisis still on everyone's mind.

A report from The World Health Organization indicated Aid and Vaccine were heading off to the Cyclone devastated country of Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka).

And the White House disclosed that UN Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge was to leave on the 28th of January for a month long tour of Iran, Afghanistan and India in an effort to fact-find the current state of that region.

All rather optimistic on this day in the world. Even though the spectre of Nuclear Annihilation hung over everyone's heads. The Cold War '50's.

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