January 3, 1948 - On Top Of Everything, Snow.

News of the day, this day in history for January 3, 1948. Snow blankets much of country from Texas to Eastern Seaboard. France voting on anti-inflation bill. Guerrilla fighting in Greece. Palestine friction. India/Pakistan dispute. Burma wins independence from Britain.


This January 3rd in 1948 should have been an indicator of how the year was going to go. But, as is the case with all history - it's only best viewed in hindsight.

The year started off with severe weather, cutting a frozen swath from Texas to the Eastern seaboard, bogging everyone down in snow, downed power lines and icy roads. Even the announcer of this newscast admitted he was stranded in New York with no way of getting home, at least for the day.

But the cold weather was just one of the elements going on in the world that day. In France, an anti-inflation bill was going up for vote. And how it went would determine either the end or the continuation of the Robert Schuman government.

In other parts of the world - the newly partitioned Palestine region was still enveloped in protest and fighting. Greece was going through it's trials and tribulations with guerrilla fighting and disputes between India and Pakistan were on the slow-but-sure boil to armed conflict.

The one hopeful bit of news came by way of the newly independent nation of Burma, who bid farewell to British rule over the country and started off on its own adventure on this day.

So, a busy day in a year that hadn't really gotten quite started yet - January 3rd, 1948 as reported by John Cameron Swayze and the NBC News Of The World.

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