January 4, 1942 - A World At War.

News of the day, this day in history for January 4, 1942 - Japanese continue attack on Singapore, invade Borneo. Battle of Philippines continues. North Africa - 7,000 Axis prisoners taken. 77th Congress gets ready to open with emphasis on War production. Warning that a German invasion of Britain was still possible.


News for this January 4th in 1942 was all about the War, as it was seemingly exploding on all fronts. From the Pacific region, reports that the Japanese were continuing their attack on Singapore and had invaded Borneo. The Philippines invasion was continuing. General Wavell assumed Command of Pacific Operations.

In North Africa, some 7,000 Axis prisoners were taken during fighting in Egypt, while Allied air attacks continued on German shipping and Naval installations throughout the occupied territories in Europe.

Since January 4th fell on a Sunday in 1942, the 77th Congress wouldn't reconvene until the following day. But the consensus of opinion was the main topic under consideration would be War Production, how it was going to be paid for and how it would be overseen. Speculation a Production Czar would be appointed, much like World War 1 where Bernard Baruch had been appointed by President Wilson to oversee production. It would all remain to be seen on Monday. And in wartime, that was a light year away.

And that's what America was listening to on this January 4th in 1942, as heard on NBC's News Of The World broadcast.

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