January 6, 1991 - Looming Desert Storm.

News for the week of January 6, 1991 (since January 6th fell on a Sunday). Girding up for Desert Storm, diplomatic maneuvers, New Years 1991.


January 6th in 1991 came on a Sunday and so the news was all about the week before and the impending invasion of Kuwait and what came to be known as Operation Desert Storm. It was all a matter of waiting. So the news was mostly regarding diplomatic maneuvers, the posturing, the threats, the cautions that the war was going to be expensive (but who paid any attention to that at the time). The new Congress and the ever-present promise of handling the deficit. Some things never change, ever, even after twenty years to the day.

The only difference being January 6th is a Thursday today. Other than that . . . .

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