January 7, 1978 - Pax Americana.

News of the day for January 7, 1978 - President Carter returns from his 7 nation world tour. Vietnam/Cambodian border skirmishes, getting ready for Elvis's birthday.


On this day in 1978, President Carter returned from a whirlwind seven nation tour and gave a quick assessment of where the U.S. was standing with that part of the world after mending fences and giving a few opinions, particularly to India's Premier Desai on their quickly developing nuclear program. That part of the world was still rumbling though, as border skirmishes were continuing between Vietnam and Cambodia with both sides claiming gains. On the eve of peace talks with Egypt, Israel was discussing settlements in the Sinai and the seemingly never ending questions in that area of the Middle East continued. And January 8th was to be Elvis Presley's 43rd birthday, with fans descending in droves on Graceland and fears among some it was going to turn into a commercial venture (no, really?).

A reasonably quiet day, January 7th 1978, as reported on the CBS World News Roundup.

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