July 13, 1984 - Stifling Yawns In San Francisco, Dodging Bullets Everywhere Else.

News of the day for July 13, 1984 - Everything over but the shouting in anticipation of the Democratic Convention in San Francisco the coming week. Meanwhile, everywhere else was turmoil. Northern Ireland violence, Iran-Iraq War, Ceasefire attempts in Lebanon, and the China-Vietnam War yielding high casualties.


On July 13, 1984 there was a lot more going on in the rest of the world than at home. The upcoming Democratic Convention being held in San Francisco was yielding more than the average yawns and no-shows. Seems everyone wanted a cliff-hanger and now that Geraldine Ferraro made history the day before, it was anti-climactic from here.

Not so in the rest of the world where the Polish Government was stepping gingerly around the potential landmine of embarrassment because of a political trial and trying to keep Solidarity leader Lech Walesa out of the picture, but not successfully.

Meanwhile the rest of the world was dodging bullets, mostly of the ordinance variety with continued violence flaring up in Northern Ireland as the result of British troops shooting dead a suspected IRA member. The Iran-Iraq War was rolling onward. A ceasefire attempt in Lebanon failed and the China-Vietnam War stepped up with border skirmishes and heavy casualties.

All in all a day where the rest of the world was in conflict and we were just in the doldrums.

As it happened on The CBS World News Roundup for July 13, 1984.

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