July 7, 2005 - London Forecast: Bright With Sudden Horror.

Day in history - the London bombings July 7, 2005. The first hour as broadcast on BBC London.


Not that far back in the memory, July 7th 2005. The day London froze to a halt. Only the night before there was celebration. London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics. And the next day started off with talk and speculation on what being a host for the Olympics was going to mean for everyone in London, and the UK in general.

And for the first hour of this call-in program, The Jon Gaunt Show on BBC London, the talk was all about just that. But 12 minutes into the hour things started to slowly change. The London Tube system had just closed because of an incident at one of the stations. No further explanation. A minute or two later the calls started coming in and gradually the story began to unfold.

As a reminder, here is that first hour of The Jon Gaunt Show, exactly as it was broadcast that morning of July 7th.

History doing what history always seems to do, be seemingly innocuous at the time.

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