May 10, 1990 - The Flood Season And When Marching Powder Makes News.

News of the day for May 10, 1990 - flooding in Arkansas, Philippine aviation officials enforcing measurements against intruding airliners, China released 200 protesters from pro-Democracy demonstrations, a Cyclone in India, strained U.S.-Israeli relations and 2.2 million Americans are hardcore Cocaine addicts.


A busy May 10th, at least in 1990. The seemingly yearly ritual of fleeing flood waters in the south caught Arkansas that particular year and heavy fingers of blame were pointing at the Army Corps of Engineers by Governor Clinton. Meanwhile, Philippine Aviation officials were enforcing strange anti-intruding jetliner rules, creating a goodly degree of outrage with passengers and governments. China released 200 former Tiananmen Square protesters, including several journalists while another batch of protests got underway. This time it was in the direction of education. India had its own weather related problems, with a cyclone barreling through, leaving a goodly amount of destruction in its wake. U.S.-Israeli relations were strained, yet again. And it was official: America now had 2.2 million hardcore Cocaine addicts wandering the streets. Although you'd swear they were just talking about Los Angeles . . .

Another May 10th in paradise as reported on The CBS World News Roundup in 1990.

And speaking of another day in May . . .
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