May 6, 1945 - Tying Up The Loose Ends In Europe.

News of this day in 1945 from Europe on anticipation of the end of the war in Europe, but with fighting still going on and the flood of refugees leaving Germany.


With news of the end of hostilities in Europe hours, if not days away, news was still coming in of fighting continuing in Germany and points East, even as German armies throughout the European theater were surrendering. As this direct report from Paris indicates, complete surrender was only a matter of time and the flood of refugees fleeing Berlin in the wake of advancing Russian armies made clear a new reality about to settle over Europe - the long road back to anything resembling normal.

In this fifteen minute newscast, delivered by Paul Manning of Mutual on May 6th 1945, anticipation of U.S. troops coming home was high, and the business of occupation by Allied forces was underway.

Another day in May spent waiting for an outcome.

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