May 9, 1970 - Vietnam Moratorium Day (Of Many).

Vietnam Moratorium Day, May 9, 1970. News and excerpts of speeches during the Moratorium Day March in Washington D.C.


Estimated as the biggest demonstration against the war in Vietnam, the May 9th 1970 Moratorium Day Protest at the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. gathered between 75-100,000 anti-war protesters. Even though the numbers were majority students, the ranks were swelling with others - just regular people sick of the on-going war and its seeming never end.

The D.C. protest was the biggest, but it was by no means the only one during the week. Protest marches and rally's were held all over the world in a unified show of strength that the war had to come to an end.

The rally was covered by most news media at the time. This clip comes from NBC News who devoted an hour of network programming for a special on the march and speeches. No doubt the protests to the war had reached the mainstream, years after they had begun.

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