Newstalgia Weekend Gramophone - Jeanne-Marie Darre Plays Faure - 1956

Newstalgia Weekend Gramophone with the music of Gabriel Faure as performed by pianist Jean-Marie Darre and the Symphony Orchestra of the French Radio conducted by Manuel Rosenthal.


Back to the French Radio Transcription Service this week with a performance of the Faure Ballade for Piano and Orchestra featuring keyboard legend Jeanne-Marie Darre and the Orchestra of the French Radio conducted by another legend, Manuel Rosenthal.

Since there are no dates written on the discs, estimates are based on scribblings by broadcast engineers on the jackets. This one makes reference to 1956. I suspect it's earlier and probably 1955. But in any event, it's a performance that's been unavailable until now and, even though the original 16" transcription discs have been badly damaged, the performance is a memorable one. Sometimes history is just full of ticks and pops, but you have to take it however you can get it.


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