Newstalgia Backstage Weekend - Blondie Live In Glasgow New Years Eve 1979

Newstalgia Backstage Weekend with Blondie, live in Glasgow on New Years Eve 1979.


While Music was going through it's realignment and recovering from the shock of the Punk movement, a new genre was creeping into the lexicon; New Wave. Spearheaded by bands like The Knack, New Wave sought to bridge the gap that existed between hardcore Punk and 70's Rock. It created something of a safe and commercial middle ground from all the disparate movements at the time. Blondie fit into that category nicely and were wildly popular through the late 70's and into the 1980's.

Here they are, just about at their peak in a BBC Radio concert recorded live in Glasgow on New Years Eve 1979.

A full hour's worth for you to catch up on what you probably haven't heard in a while.


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