Newstalgia Backstage Weekend - Tom Waits - Live In Stockholm - 1999

Newstalgia Backstage Weekend with Tom Waits, live at The Cirkus, Stockholm Sweden - July 13-14, 1999


It's been a while since I last posted some Tom Waits live. Last time it was a Troubadour gig in Hollywood from 1975. Fast-forward twenty-four years to a concert at The Cirkus in Stockholm Sweden, recorded July 13-14, 1999 featuring Waits in fine form - a little more rasp, a little more experimental, but the same Tom Waits.

And when you're well on your way to becoming an American institution, that's a good thing. Waits is consistent, and he's a consistent painter of earthy portraits of life on life's terms with all the pungent, heady aromas that make them interesting, engaging and very real all at the same time. And in a world of faux sentimentality and manufactured angst, that's an imperative.

And the audience at The Cirkus in Stockholm seemed to think so too as the reception was warm and aware.

So if you've been missing out on your Tom Waits fix of late, here's a little something to remind you of just how good it can get.

Here's what's on the player:

1. Shore Leave
2. Pony
3. Filipino Box Spring Hog
4. Come On Up To The House
5. House Where Nobody Lives
6. Singapore
7. The Heart Of Saturday Night
8. Goin' out west
9. I can't wait to get off work
10. Picture in a frame
11. Who are you
12. Heartattack & Vine
13. Time

Enjoy, and keep the weekend real.

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