Newstalgia Downbeat - Count Basie Live At Birdland - July 31, 1952

Newstalgia Downbeat with Count Basie, live from Birdland in New York City, July 31, 1952.


In the off chance you were wondering if I'm running the same Count Basie from Birdland over and over, I'm not. This is a broadcast from July 31, 1952 from the Stars Of Jazz series on NBC Radio. As the paperwork illustrates, most bands who played on this radio series did several weeks (at least two) of broadcasts from the same venue. It's great if you're a completist and want to get every gig a favorite musician ever did. Wait til I start working my way through the three years of Stan Kenton broadcasts - live remotes with the band during cross-country tours, each week a new venue but a lot of the same material. Good stuff, but not for the casual take-it-or-leave-it listener.

So tonight it's Count Basie, during his stay at Birdland with another great gig only the Basie Band could do.

Good way to end a bizarre week and maybe put you in the mood to face the new one.

Enjoy anyway.

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