Newstalgia Pop Chronicles - An Interview With Elvis Presley - 1960

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles - an interview with Elvis Presley conducted by Armed Forces Radio and Television just prior to his leaving Germany in March 1960


I am realizing Elvis Presley is becoming a distant memory for many people these days, and a name only vaguely recognized by many more. But there was a time Elvis Presley was the preeminent pop idol of the mid-20th century. When he was drafted into the Army it was a full-scale tragedy for the millions of fans who hung on every single he released and every syllable he spoke.

By all accounts, his life as a draftee in the Army was far from typical, but he did manage to stay out of the public eye for the requisite number of months in order to fulfill his military service. So when Elvis was discharged from the Army in March of 1960, he gave an interview for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service just prior to his leaving Germany (where he was stationed) and coming back to the U.S. I'm sure most fans have heard it, but there are probably a lot who haven't.

So here it is.

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