Newstalgia Reference Room - Ike Has A Word Or Two About Taxes - 1954

Newstalgia Reference Room - Ike Has A Word Or Two About Taxes (and paying your fair share), in 1954.


In 1954 the deadline for filing your taxes was March 15th, not April 15th. The April deadline wouldn't come into effect until 1955. But even in 1954, President Eisenhower was alarmed that people of a certain massive income got away without "paying their fair share".

In this radio address, Eisenhower takes to task those who make a substantial amount of income, yet pay no tax on it, instead leaving the Middle-Class and those people who can ill-afford it the most to bear the burden.

It's interesting when you realize you're listening to a Republican President reciting the benefits of a fair tax system and the reason taxes exist was to accomplish what the private sector couldn't.

And almost sixty years later the conversation has shifted. And, judging by all I've heard, Dwight Eisenhower would be considered something of a Socialist Radical in today's climate.

Funny how things change.

Here is the complete radio address by President Eisenhower, broadcast on Tax Day (March 15th), 1954.

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