Newstalgia Reference Room - A Vice-President Lyndon Johnson Press Conference - 1961

Newstalgia Reference Room with a Press Conference with vice-President Lyndon Johnson upon return from a fact-finding mission in Southeast Asia (i.e. Vietnam) - May 24, 1961.


In the seemingly never-ending task of digitizing the archive (rumor has it I will be finished sometime around mid-Century), I run across items that, although they may not pertain to anything of a current nature, or even of great importance from a historic standpoint, are still interesting to hear as a sort of footprint in time.

Such is the case with this press conference held by vice-President Johnson on his return from a fact-finding mission to Southeast Asia on May 24, 1961. It is pretty much standard early 60's Foreign Policy fare in a Cold War era. Everything was predicated on whether or not there was a Communist influence, acting as competition for U.S. aid. On its surface it seems like a Public Relations tour, were it not for our particular gift of hindsight in knowing what was just around the corner.

However, listening to this press conference, I can't help but think Lyndon Johnson had no clue it would be his cross to bear three years later.

Of course, we all know better now - we didn't know better then. Like LBJ in 1961, we had no clue what we were in for.

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