Nights At The Roundtable - Arlette Zola - 1969

Nights at the Roundtable with Arlette Zola, Swiss entry in the Ye`-Ye` sweepstakes and her 1969 single "Je Suis Folle De Tant T'aimer".


The genre of Ye`-Ye` may have died out by the time the 70's rolled around, but that didn't mean the singers involved gave up and went home or went on to quietly sedate lives. No. Some, like Arlette Zola are still going strong today. Swiss born Zola (who was actually Arlette Jacquet) represented her native Switzerland several times in the Eurovision Song Contest from the 70's through the 80's.

Tonight's track is definitely from the "Ye`-Ye`" period. Je Suis Folle De Tant T'aimer was released in 1969 and reissued a few years later. It has all the elements so closely associated with the genre and is yet another epitome of French 60's Pop.

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