Nights At The Roundtable - Dënver - 2010

Nights at the Roundtable with Chilean Indie/Alternative/Experimental/Electro-pop duo Dënver.


Further evidence there are always new and interesting discoveries lurking around. About a week ago a friend turned me on to a band currently making some noise throughout the Indie/Electro-Pop world. Dënver (complete with umlaut) are a duo from San Felipe, Chile. Mariana Montenegro and Milton Mahan have been performing for a little while, releasing their first album Totoral in 2008.

Tonight's track Lo Que Queiras is a single they released in 2010 and got the attention of Indie watchers all over the world. They have a new single out, and I might put that up later . . .depending on whether or not you like this one.

And maybe you will.

(h/t: Topsy Kretts)

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