Nights At The Roundtable - The Deep Six - 1966

Nights At The Roundtable - The Deep Six and their regional Southern California hit from 1966, Rising Sun.


As Folk and Rock were becoming intertwined in the mid 1960's, a number of groups appeared on the scene in the hopes of furthering the cause. One was the San Diego based group The Deep Six. They had originated as a Folk trio and took it a notch further. Between late 1965 and early 1966 Deep Six were riding the crest of a wave and when their first single came out, Rising Sun, it was a huge hit - but it was a hit in Southern California and almost nowhere else. They toured relentlessly and got lots of good press and good crowds. But when their first (and only) album came out, it failed to show up anywhere on the charts and The Deep Six, badly bruised by the lack of enthusiasm, soldiered on a bit more before calling it a day and splintering into different careers.

Tonight's track is their solitary hit Rising Sun. Music was changing and it was changing fast and sometimes bands just got lost in the shuffle.

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