Nights At The Roundtable - Liz Brady - 1968

Nights at the Roundtable with Liz Brady and her 1968 single Partie de Dames.


Continuing our week-long look at the 60's French "Ye`-Ye`" phenomenon, the name Liz Brady pops up. It's not her real name, and apparently she was something of a publicists dream. As the story goes, she was apparently born in Egypt to a French father and Italian/Greek mother and she landed in Paris in 1964 where she was promptly signed to a record deal by Pathe`, the EMI label in France. Her real name remains a mystery, as did her British Passport and speaking fluent French with a decided British accent. But aside from all that, she made several hit records, among them tonight's track from 1968 Partie de Dames, before leaving France and moving to Quebec where she became half of the duo Les Scarabees. What has happened to her since then also remains a mystery.

But Pop music doesn't really care and a good track is a good track, no matter who does it. And that's what tonight's Roundtable is all about.

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