Nights At The Roundtable - The Mojo Men - 1967

Nights At The Roundtable with Bay Area quasi-legends The Mojo Men and their hit single from 1967, Sit Down, I Think I Love You.


Hitting some familiar territory tonight, if you happen to be a fan of mid-late 60's Bay Area bands. The Mojo Men were originally signed to San Francisco Disc Jockey Tom Donohue's Autumn Records (the label that gave the world The Beau Brummels) and shepherded by A&R whiz Sylvester "Sly" Stewart (of eventual Sly & The Family Stone fame). But greener pastures were calling in the form of Warner Brothers Records and The Mojo Men (with one of the first female drummers, Jan Errico nee: Ashton) turned in a smash hit in 1967 with the Stephen Stills penned number Sit Down, I Think I Love You, which we're playing tonight.

The greener pastures didn't last all that long, and The Mojo Men were quietly relegated to "one-hit-wonder" status. Even though they had a sizable catalog of material, none of it clicked with top-40 radio audiences and they quietly faded into the Rock n' Roll sunset.

Sadly, the story of way too many bands - and one that repeats almost daily.

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