Nights At The Roundtable - The Moody Blues - 1965

Nights At The Roundtable - The Moody Blues from 1965 with their follow-up single to their hit Go Now! - From The Bottom Of My Heart - 1965 Decca Records UK


Very early Moody Blues tonight. I know most people think of The Moody Blues and they instantly hum Nights In White Satin from Days Of Future Past - it was the song from the album that signaled turning point in the bands career.

Granted, it was a dramatic shift from Merseybeat and R&B to the sound that became their signature, but with the exception of some personnel changes, it was for the most part the same band. It just goes to show you what a difference a year and a direction change can make.

But this was 1965 - they already scored a hit with the Bessie Banks song Go Now! in 1964 and direction change wasn't in the cards just yet. Tonight's track is the follow up to that single. A Moody Blues original, From The Bottom Of My Heart which came out in February 1965 and got as high as #22 on the charts. The song was a departure for the band and listening to the arrangement and production you get the feeling they were experimenting with a different sound even then. It just hadn't quite jelled and was waiting for a few more elements to be introduced.

You probably haven't heard this one in a very long time - if ever.

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