Nights At The Roundtable - Raymond Scott And Dorothy Collins - 1951

Nights At The Roundtable. Raymond Scott and his Orchestra with Dorothy Collins, vocals - "Yesterday's Ice Cubes" - from 1951


Continuing our dig into the vault for discs that move very fast this week, here is a somewhat obscure and, as far as I know, totally un-reissued single featuring that master of Quirk, Raymond Scott and his then-wife, singer Dorothy Collins.

Scott has gotten a resurrection of sorts in recent years, due largely to his music that wound up in Warner Bros. cartoons. He was very popular in the 1940's as a bandleader and composer of offbeat songs with odd titles. His popularity continued through the 1950's with the addition of Dorothy Collins on vocals, who was a popular singer in her own right and a regular on the popular radio (and later TV) series Your Hit Parade.

This disc, Yesterday's Ice Cubes comes from 1951 and was issued only as a 78 rpm single and didn't appear on any albums. Scott recorded for a number of labels throughout his career and this one, from MGM was one of a series of sessions he did for that label in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Dorothy Collins plays it straight, but you'll admit the ice cube analogy was a bit surreal.

But then, so was Raymond Scott.

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