Nights At The Roundtable - Sea Hags - 1989

Nights at the Roundtable with the criminally neglected and shamefully underrated San Francisco band Sea Hags - purveyors of the short-lived genre Sleaze Metal, but great guys nonetheless.


Into the files of the woefully neglected, criminally overlooked and shamefully underrated. Sea Hags may not ring a whole lot of bells with people, but they were probably one of the best groups during the resurgence of Heavy Metal in the late 1980's. That their story is one of meltdown, excess, bad timing and plain old rotten luck, only substantiates the claim that the road to riches for the overwhelming majority of bands either now or in the past is littered with the burned out wreckage of great intentions, great potential and unrealized dreams.

Sea Hags only made it to one album before disintegrating and tonight's track, Half The Way Valley not only starts the album off, it was their first (and I think only) video from the album. I worked on that video. It was a blast. The Director was out of his mind (in a good way) and the band were great to work with.

It's always painful when the good guys don't make it. I keep reminding myself life ain't like movies.

But at least they left something behind and it always runs the chance of being discovered.

You never know.

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