Nights At The Roundtable - Smashing Orange - 1992

Nights at The Roundtable with Smashing Orange and two tracks from their 1992 lp "The Glass Bead Game" - Indians Say/Look Behind You.


Poor timing is timeless. When Delaware shoegaze outfit Smashing Orange got together they had no idea another band named Smashing Pumpkins was getting about ready to do the same thing.

In that decade of the 90's when Independent and Shoegaze were coming into their own, Smashing Orange were probably one of the best domestic exponents of that sound without question. A sadly under-appreciated and neglected band, Smashing Orange lasted long enough to issue four albums before calling it a day mid-decade. Glass Bead Game was their second album and it barely dented the charts of playlists. Maybe because Smashing Pumpkins had quickly become a household name and Smashing Orange got lost in the shuffle, barely out of the starting gate.

Tonights track is off The Glass Bead Game and actually it's two tracks that blend in together. Indians Say and Look Behind You. Prime Examples of a band with lots of potential but just a victim of bad timing.

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