Nights At The Roundtable Special - Dexys Midnight Runners In Session - 1980

Nights At The Roundtable Special, Dexys Midnight Runners at The BBC, in session for John Peel, Feb. 26, 1980.


Most people think of Dexys Midnight Runners and immediately recall their massive hit in the 80's "Come On Eileen". So huge, it's still played on oldies stations almost daily.

But they were/are a lot more than that. Still together, although the only remaining original member of the band is lead singer Kevin Rowland, Dexys came along at a time when the urgency of Punk was wearing off and New Wave hadn't quite fully materialized. So a band with roots in the Northern Soul scene in the UK offered something different, and in their case fresh.

That they were really only known in the U.S. for their hit single, and subsequently often thought of as a one-hit wonder, they were very popular in the UK and throughout Europe in the 80's. And this session, which they cut for the legendary John Peel at the BBC, gives ample testimony to what a high-energy aggregation they were.

Recorded on February 26, 1980 there were four numbers recorded:

1. Bringing Down The Walls Of Heartache
2. Geno
3. Horse
4. (Tell Me When) My Light Turns Green

High energy and a great set from an under-appreciated band. Side note: the last track ends rather quickly and fades out. Tape break is the culprit.


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