Nights At The Roundtable - Suarez - 1993

Nights at the Roundtable with Argentinian Experimental 90's band fronted by the inimitable Rosario Blefari, from 1993.


As you probably know by now (if you've been following Newstalgia and the Roundtable for any length of time), I am a huge fan of the Experimental/Progressive/alternative 90's band Suarez from Argentina. They have since broken up and gone separate ways with former lead singer Rosario Blefari launching a successful solo career, as well as acting career and is heavily involved in activism.

Her solo material is wonderful, and I've been featuring it over the past several months. But every so often I'm reminded of the earlier stuff, the Suarez stuff, and it takes me right back to the place I first heard them and the reason why they have been one of my favorite bands ever since - together or not.

Tonight it's Desmaya, a track that didn't wind up on any of their own albums, but rather included in a compilation album with several other bands from Argentina.

A casual reminder the world of music is vast and the discoveries are endless. Don't be shortchanged by mainstream radio - hit the browse button and see where it takes you.

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