Nights At The Roundtable - Telekrimen - New Single - 2010

Nights At The Roundtable -Mexican Punk/Surf/Psych band Telekrimen with their new single El Circo Del Brujo


There's a lot going on south of the border, and it's not all drug wars. There is a very interesting music scene happening in Mexico these past several years with bands popping up all over the place. And, from what I'm able to gather, a rather healthy club scene. Although I understand night-life in Mexico at the moment is a little tenuous.

Telekrimen is one of those bands who embrace a Punk/Surf/Psych ethic with heavy emphasis on Surf. I did a post on them in February and the response was pretty good. In case you missed the last post, Telekrimen have been around since 2005 and judging from the poster, they have a pretty good reputation all around Mexico (and I suspect further south). Tonight's track, El Circo Del Brujo is a new track that's available via their MySpace page. It's an instrumental so you don't have to get all bothered if you don't know the language. But that shouldn't stop you anyway. Notes are notes. And the one's Telekrimen are using are pretty cool.

So if you thought everything musical out of Mexico had something to do with Mariachis or accordions or Ranchero - you'd be really wrong. Way wrong. Totally wrong.

Check them out and come back tomorrow - I think we're going to spend the week sampling some Hecho en Mexico for your mind-melting and head banging pleasure.

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